Eye treatments are a great way to enhance and compliment your natural features and can really open up your eyes.

        Eyelash Tinting - 20 minutes
        Perfect treatment if you have fair lashes and if you don’t like wearing mascara.

        Eyebrow Tinting - 15 minutes
        To help accentuate and emphasise your eyebrow shape
        Please note a patch test is required 24 hours prior to tinting treatment.

        Eyebrow Shape - 15 minutes
        To find your perfect shape to open up the eyes, therefore enhancing your features.
        Eyebrow shapes give a clearer definition allowing for better application of makeup.

        Strip False Lashes - 10 minutes
        Ideal for a party or a special occasion for a more dramatic look.

        Cluster False Lashes - 15 minutes
        Will help enhance your eyes with thickness and length. Also ideal for special events.
        Please note as glue patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment


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Face & Eyes

    The Secret to Healthy Skin
    Our skin gets tired and overworked from the daily beating it takes. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to just cleanse. tone and moisturise. Sometimes your skin craves and deserves a bit more attention.

        Deep Cleanse Facial - 60 minutes 
        A relaxing and deep cleansing facial to rejuvenate your skin.
        This treatment includes a deep cleanse mask and a calming neck and shoulder massage.
        An ideal treatment to melt away any stress and tension.



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